Home Organizing


We will sort, purge, assign a home and containerize items and design systems and processes to help you reduce an excessive and disorganized accumulation of things in your home. We will re-organize your closet, kitchen, bedrooms, hobby rooms and more. We will transfer the basic principles of organization to you and monitor how the new system is working for you, adjusting it, if needed, and maintaining it. Our goal is to help you take control of your surroundings, your time, your paper, and your systems for life.

Office Organizing

Are you constantly rearranging and moving files from one location to another, sweeping the mess into a bin or a desk drawer?

A well-organized office is a good indication of a functional office space. Everything needs a home, even stacks of mail. We can help you sort and organize it all – from important papers to paper clips. A relatively neat and orderly office space clears the way for higher productivity and less wasted time. Organizing your office does not have to be done in a massive assault but rather a little at a time. Let us help you transform your office into an efficient workspace.

Home Staging

We strategically position your furniture, artwork, lighting and accessories to show off the best features of every room in your house so your potential buyers can visualize and envision themselves in the living space, thus creating a desire to move in.

This is a small investment to make, avoiding the cost of price reduction and additional days on the market. It will also ensure that your property is photo-ready for merchandising in print and virtual tour.

Photo Organizing & Scanning

Do you have decades of real photographs and envelopes of negatives just thrown in tins, shoe boxes and totes and are not labeled or organized in any way? Are some in albums (all unmatched) and some still in their envelopes? Is the collection so big that you don’t know where to begin or how best to organize, what to keep, what to toss?

Let us help you get a handle on years of photo disorganization by breaking it into manageable tasks, sorting and categorizing them. We will scan your print photos and place them in your cloud storage, the central hub on your computer or on any external media storage.